- is a zone which has been specifically designed to serve social exchange needs. Be it pages to like, viewing or skipping unwanted stuff, this portal is ultimate resource. You have liberty to choose stuff to be followed from huge database. With a simple to access interface, this exchange system is aimed at improving your social media exchange experience. Primarily, innovative concept has been installed in the mechanism of this website.

All you need to do is collect coins by proceeding with activities ranging from likes and follow to visiting social media pages of other members. Every activity is rewarding which indicates collection of coins in your account. With the help of these coins, you can acquire likes, views, followers and even visitors to your social media page or website.

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Earn bonuses by referring others!!!

Weekly referral, and weekly earning bonus

We are rewarding our Top 200 users every week in two categories "Weekly Personal Bonus", and "Weekly Referral Bonus"... The users that earn most points in one week can collect bonuses as presented in the table:

Position Reward
1 5000 Credits
2 3000 Credits
3 1500 Credits
4-10 1000 Credits
11-25 800 Credits
26-50 400 Credits
51-100 200 Credits
101-200 100 Credits

The counters resets every Sunday at (UTC+05:30) , bonuses rewarded on every Monday, and the referral points will be calculated by this mathematical equation:

Referred friends that have come:

  1. In current week ---> 100% of their weekly points
  2. The week before ---> 80% of their weekly points
  3. Two week before ---> 60% of their weekly points
  4. Three weeks before ---> 40% of their weekly points
  5. Four weeks before ---> 20% of their weekly points = Like Exchange = Like Marketplace

Great for businesses, musicians, webmasters, retailers, acts, personalities, video tutorials, bloggers, models, actors, athletes and more!

More Likes = Higher Status = More Exposure

By liking other peoples fan pages, sites, photos, video and much more, you have been given a chance to raise up your pages, all across the Internet!

Earn free credits by liking and they will like back!

Join us now and see why is the fastest growing Social Media Exchange Community on the Internet... :)

Live Exchange:

Take a look at points before getting started with convenient accessibility of the site:

  1. Followers, views, friends, website hits or likes are not sold by us.
  2. Twitter's and Facebook's Policies are adhered to by our Social Exchange system.
  3. We do not use any of your accounts for posting tweets or status updates.
  4. 4. We do not prompt you to give your password of any social networking accounts.

What can you exchange at our website?

We cater to most social networks, here are the ones we currently offer.
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