Frequently Asked Questions

Is It worth it to Buy Instagram Followers

Yes, buying Instagram followers and likes at inexpensive prices is definitely worth the cost. Many of our customers have found increase traffic, increase brand retention and increase action on their Instagram Account.

Real-looking followers and likes? But are these Real Accounts?
Yes, All the Instagram followers and Likes that come with our packages are from real-looking accounts. These accounts all have high retention and profile views. They will guarantee to impress your competition.
Is there a guarantee with's Instagram Likes and Followers?

It is very rare that Instagram followers and Likes will decrease. We always over deliver on the amount you order. This will ensure that you always have more likes and followers then you purchased.

Can my account get banned or deleted if I buy followers and likes?

The likes we provide are 100% from real-looking profiles. We have served over 20 000 customers since we have been established and we have never heard of an account getting banned from using our service. You are safe!

What if the your followers and Likes don't appear on my profile?

We take care of all our customers, small or big. We take pride in having great customer support. Fill out a ticket before the 30 day guaranty and we will reimburse the your amount. Please make sure that your Instagram Account is not set to private when ordering likes.

I want to buy 20 000 followers or likes, maybe even 50 000, is there a discount?

Of course, please send us a message and we will offer you a bulk order discount. It’s our pleasure!

What Method can I use to Pay?

As of yet, we accept a many different payment types, This includes but is not limited to VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, and AMEX. We encourage all our customers to use PayPal as this method is fast, secure, and easy.

Do I need to provide my username and password?

Absolutely not! Keep all passwords safe and protected, we do not need it to place your order.

Dashboard Related Questions

Why do I need to create an account to purchase likes and Followers?

You need an account with to purchase likes and followers. This will allow you to check up on your orders and to see all the other great services we have to offer like Facebook likes, Soundcloud Plays and many more.

How do I Deposit Money in to my account?

After you registered and Logged in, click deposit and you will be able to place orders.

Does the Money in my account expire?

The money in your account will not expire, Therefore, take your time!


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