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A How To Guide To Getting More Instagram Likes

The question on everyones mind to day is how to get more likes online. In this post we will go through a few of the various techniques to market your instagram page and how to promote your pictures. You can also Buy Instagram Followers on this page today.


Hashtags are important, especially when first starting off with an instagram page. The reson hashtags are important is because they are one of the only ways to categorize your pictures and a way for instagram to categorize your pictures. When adding for example the hashtag #love your pictures will be placed under the “recent post” for the hashtag love and anyone that clicks on this hashtag will see your post in recent post. Your recently uploaded picture will disappear very quickly and be replaced by newer pictures as soon as other pictures with the same hashtag are uploaded. And for popular hashtags such as love, this will only take a matter of seconds. Buy Instagram Likes

Now look at the top posts. These are the posts that can stay visible to all users who click on the hashtags and that can stay visible for up a long period of time. the top posts are the posts that have the most likes within all the posts with that hash tag. And this is why it is good to make sure your posts get as many likes as possible in the fastest time possible. There are many ways of doing this. you could buy instagram likes online…

Recent post for #love on instagram

recent post for #love on instagram

showing the top post for #love

Top post for #love

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Buying likes is another method of making sure that your posts stay at the top of your hashtag category. Some people might think that this is useless since you are not getting more traffic or that the likes you are getting are not real and therefore are useless. This is not necessarily true. Since your picture will be ranked as a top post, you will be receiving many real views to your picture and many additional real likes. This is why it is not uncommon to buy real instagram likes and receive multiple additional likes and comments afterwards. This can help generate sales online and it is a very effective way to do SMM (social media marketing).

This video will also give you a small idea of what its like when some one likes your instagram. Its a great little find!